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Introduction: Indian Journal of Archaeology

Indian Journal of Archaeology (ISSN 2455-2798) has multi disciplinary approach to Archaeological and Historical researches. It promotes educational research platform providing individuals ideal opportunity to present the data and ideas they have accumulated. It is designed to bring people, studying and doing research in Archaeology,around the globe,on one platform and work in the direction of resolving the core issues by collating and analyzing hard empirical data.

Our Objectives...

I- We want to make the new data, with all minute details, available to the academia by publishing research papers and studies of Scholars. The Scholars may be anybody from academician to self-taught person who is not pursuing a career in teaching or research.
II- To address vital issues related to Indian Archaeology and to evolve the new techniques and methodologies in archaeological and historical researches.
III- To organize and impart training and guidance to persons keenly interested in the field of Archaeology and History.
IV- To prepare a forum where archaeological data of individual sites can be placed for wider circulation and discussion.
V- The Organization entitled “National Trust for Promotion of Knowledge” which is publishing the journal (IJA) is dedicated to disseminate state-of-the-art knowledge among the people. It aims at making the catchment area from where we pick up the Researchers, larger. The purpose is making their creative participation in the process of evolution and generation of knowledge.



To introduce newer perspectives in the field of Archaeological researches.
• To evolve new techniques and methodologies in the field of Archaeology.


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ISSN 2455-2798

Our Methodology

It’s a research Journal of “National Trust for Promotion of Knowledge.”It is an institution dedicated to taking state of art knowledge to the people and make the catchment area larger for their creative participation in the process of evolution of knowledge.

1.Collect Ideas



Call for Paper

The prime purpose of IJA is to invite all enthusiasts of Archaeology, such as research scholars, academicians and other achievers and to provide assistance to them for metamorphosing their data into concrete and usable form easily available to the academic world.

If you have some relevant information revealing the past, please come forward, write an article and let others know about it.
If you are a collector of antiquities and possess one which is likely to be forgotten after you, write about it and we will showcase the information provided by you.
If you know a monument which is at the verge of destruction, please document it and give it to our journal for publication.

We have enough space for photographs, so please send as many photographs as necessary for complete description of the situation. We want to give you a journal which has a truly all-India character where the papers related to the Archaeology of whole India are published at one place and get proportionate space and attentions of Scholars.

The task of bringing the heritage of our nation is great. A few organizations and armchair archaeologists cannot accomplish the work of discovering our past buried deep into the ground. We will have to take the help of common man who is living on the ancient sites and encourage him to write about the various antiquities he sees every day.

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