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Indian Journal of Archaeology

ISSN 2455-2798
Vol. 7/ No. 1/January 2022-April 2022 (peer reviewed e-journal)
Chief Editor: Vijay Kumar
Publisher: National Trust for Promotion of Knowledge, Lucknow
Mode of Publication: Online (e-Journal)
Title Archaeological Gazetteer of Aligarh & Hathras Districts with special reference to OCP & Other Proto-Historic Cultures of Indo-Gangetic Plains

Author::Vijay Kumar

This article by Vijay Kumar presents the results of village to village archaeological survey of the two districts namely Aligarh and Hathras, which earlier used to be a single district named after the first one. This survey for the first time gives the data about the change of demographic pattern of a district as revealed by the number of human settlements from proto-historic period to the late medieval period. It also gives the extant of OCP, the proto-historic culture of North and West India and its relation to the other contemporary proto-historic cultures on its western and eastern side of the core OCP area. OCP area extends from Sriganganagar (Rajasthan) –Rupnagar (Punjab)axis to Bahraich-Faizabad-Sultanpur (All in Uttar Pradesh) axis. On northern side, it is bordered by Himalayas. On southern side, it is confined by mid Rajasthan and river Yamuna.