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Field Training

It is also planned to provide field training to students, Research Scholars & Academicians. The objective is to make them know what is there in the real world of Archaeology rather than doing purely library-based researches or learning field techniques in class rooms. We would take the people in the real world of Archaeology and train them for identifying what information is hidden in the mound of the earth and rubbles, simple heap of stones, part of the foundations of the buildings, the architectural fragments of buildings, heavily altered and modified ancient structures, the stratigraphy disclosed by natural cutting exposing the cultural deposit, the factory and burial sites of the prehistoric man and the relation between geological horizons and the human activities.


We organize conferences, seminars and workshops to underline and address the various aspects and problem of Indian Archaeology and publish them so that academia has the state-of-art knowledge. These will be so organized that the regional archaeological finds can be examined and compared with other finds in the country and the world.



• To promote new archaeological researches and provide an academic platform to original contributors who have something significant to say.

• To document monuments and antiquities which will never come to light and will be destroyed with time, thus conserving them for posterity.

• To create one platform, where people can publish and compare their finds from different parts of the country and the world.

• Show case new methodologies being used for archaeological research, so that these become popular with other academicians.


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